Saturday, January 2, 2010

two thousand and ten

it has been a wonderful year for me. a tear with perfect combination of happy and sad moments with the loved ones. Alhamdullilah i boleh handle qada and qadar dengan sempurna. Allah berjanji tidak memberi cubaan diluar kemampuan hambaNya. on 14th April 2009, adek kesayangan pulang ke rahmatullah because of her lung cancer. insan paling rapat pergi untuk selama-lamanya. how do you feel? T_T


then, a special thanks to ex-boyfriend and now a friend, who has taught me the real deal about love and life. 2009; the end of our relationship (-_-")

this 2009, i berjaya meng-complete-kan diploma and Alhamdullilah dapat further my study. this is a fresh beginning for things that went awfully wrong in the past. insyaAllah.
luv, wani..

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