Saturday, January 2, 2010

cherish every moments

phew. new semester dah start. too many things running in my mind at this very moment. new sem, new subjects, new lecturers, new problemo. i need someone to de-stress my mind right now. there's too many things happenning in my life. ceh ceh. padahal baru start new semester. finally, i've made up my mind on subjects that i should take for this semester. after discussions with my few course friends, i've decided to go for Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Graphic Interactive, Data Struct, Entrepreneurship, Interactive Media and Internet Technology for this semester. i have doubts that i'm gonna do well this semester but i'll try. tak salah kalau mencuba kan?

this is last semester punye moment. me and friends. orang lain concentrate with the class. dan kami? hekhek. i cant never forget random moments like this :)

after two days kelas start, my beloved parents alhamdullilah selamat pulang from jeddah. just so you know, saya seorang budak perempuan yang sangat cengeng kononnye. tidak keruan tanpa parents di sisi. maka on the way untuk menjemput mereka, excited tidak terkata.

cousins. kami macam teruja tengok jalan-bergerak-sendiri kat KLIA tu. kesian kann.

izzaty and i. she's so sweet. izzaty lahhh. not me (-_-")

there, kesayangan i dah sampai. both berjubah hitam. i macam biasa ah. anak abah. mak ketinggalan di belakang. wehee. ok fine! kenapa badan aku blur macam tu. ini kes aku hyper gerak sana-sini or si photographer ada tak puas hati dengan aku ni. bahaha.

thank you to family and friends yang always concerned about me and siblings sepanjang ketiadaan parents disisi. you guys sangat awesome. ingat tu. thanks ya!

oh, so many things on my mind. so many things to say. takpela. for this time being, cerita ini dulu. bye everyone. take care

luv, wani..

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